Friday, October 11, 2013

Just A Quick Post

One of my favorite authors is Marliss Melton. I'm not afraid to admit I like romance novels. They always have happy endings, and to me that's essential for me to enjoy a book. Life can suck enough all on its own without adding a depressing, sad, tear jerking book. I would much rather read a book with a happy ending. Now that being said, because I'm trying out new things, book wise, I am going to do my best to stick to this. I am still going to aim for my happy endings, and to be realistic I know all books are not romantic. I will be happy knowing the Murderer is caught, the Cop solves his case, the aliens are defeated, all the clues are found and solved.. what ever I find myself reading. Just so long as it ends with me feeling good and not crying like a 2 week old baby with diaper rash. That would just make me angry. I know I am probably setting myself up for being royally ticked at some point over a lot of books. I will make myself a deal right now. If I am not left feeling like a manic depressant, sobbing baby, or utterly defeated then I will call it good. Is that more realistic? Hmmm, we will find out! Now back to Marliss Melton. She posted a rather awesome blog introduction for her new book THE ENFORCER book 3 in her Taskforce Series you can find here. Also, Marliss Melton is pleased to announce the release of all three Taskforce Series novels in one boxed set (available in all e-book formats, no paperback). This specially priced box set lets you enjoy all the excitement, all the passion, all the danger of Marliss Melton’s Inter-Agency Counterterrorism Taskforce, from finding its leader to carrying out its most thrilling missions. Priced at only $9.99, you save over $8 over what you would pay for each individual book. Makes a great Christmas gift! Visit for more information.
Anyone who after reading her introduction to the 3rd book in this series isn't curious about her books is a stronger person than I. I have all her books, and this is the perfect way to own them. She has another series called Navy SEAL Team 12 that is just as great! Now, I'm going to listen to my WICKED soundtrack and read my book. I hope everyone enjoys the weekend! If you have read a Marliss Melton book let me know! Write a review, rate it, or just let me know what you thought of her books.  

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