Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Starting Fresh

I'm learning to dig through this enormous mine field of literature. I have so many places to look for new books, authors, new authors and their books. It is almost too daunting for someone who usually just visits a site, sees a book, and either downloads it, orders it or goes to the book store and buys it. Now I am searching for more. I want to find books, not just for pleasure reading though to be honest with myself and those who may read this, I am at heart hedonistic. I want to read books pleasurably AND to expand what I now read. I want to step out of my 'genre comfort zone' and begin to read more of what other genres have to offer than I have done so far. Though I do read out of other genres, I have noticed they need to have elements of what I would usually read even to get me to crack open the cover. SO While going through some of these sites and looking through magazines and newspapers, I have come across some books that sounded quite interesting. I have decided to make a Quarried Book list (if I can ever get the gadgets to work again :< they seem to be broken at the moment) located below that will list the books I have found. I will mark them off as I read them. I will write short reviews on them as I go, and I invite anyone who has also read the book to write what they thought of it also. These books may be old and been out for years or they could be new. Since I am just finding my way among a whole new set of reading material, the possibilities are endless! One book I have found so far that had caught my attention is The Bleiberg Project by David Khara. It is out of my usual reading comfort zone, but it still looked quite interesting. It is a conspiracy thriller that was a sensation in France. If you would like to check it out you can get it on eBook here. If you have already read it, please post a review, give us a quick description (without spoilers), or a rating. Let us know what you thought of the book. Happy reading everyone!

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