Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Divergent Series

After hearing the excitement about the final installment of this trilogy I knew I needed to read it. People were waiting in line at midnight to pick it off the shelves upon it's release date and staying up all night reading it. After reading all three books I decided to write one review about them together rather than one per book. The series as a whole was a great story. I wont give away the ending only to say that I did NOT keep in with my read books that make me feel happy and I will try not to have any spoilers. THAT aside, The series is about a post war torn world where a small city is built, maintained, and lived without any knowledge of anything or anyone outside its walls. The social structure in the city works well keeping everyone categorized by talent, separating them into factions, until one faction leader becomes hungry for more power. Book 1, Divergent basically gets you use to what is happening in their world, how it works, how the factions are set up, and sets up for Book 2. There are 5 factions and they each have one character trait. Amity are peaceful, Dauntless are brave, Abnegation are selfless, Candor are honest, Erudite are smart and then there are Factionless those who failed initiation into one of the factions. Book 2, Insurgent is a huge roller coaster ride, I was almost exhausted after reading it. A sign it was well written! The day of Tris's initiation Ceremony instead of celebrating as she and her friends should have they are sent to war. Four, also known as Tobias and Tris try to save as many as they can. Guilt begins to eat Tris up after the things she had to do during the fight. Tris and Tobias eventually find out who is trying to take over all the factions, how they are planning on doing it, and fight to keep it from happening. They both lose a lot but also gain in this book. When Book 2 ended I wanted to be angry it ended on such a huge cliff hanger but luckily for me I already had the 3rd book waiting! Wow it's so hard to write this without giving anything important away! Book 3, Allegiant brings on another crisis that you see coming in book 2. It opens up a whole new world for the characters but also a whole new set of problems. This book also wore me out. It had so many ups and downs between the characters, but it also gave you a different view point. The narrator would switch between Tris and Tobias. I will say I am very glad I waited until all 3 books were available before reading this series. It would be very hard to have read one book one year and have to wait until the next year for the next installment! Without giving away any good bits I know I have left a lot out about each book, but I believe if you are going to read it you will regardless how I describe it. It was likened to Hunger Games by several other people who had read it and yes I can see a bit of comparison, but this series is in a league of its own. On March 21, 2014 Divergent the movie is supposed to be released to movie theaters. You can watch the movie trailer here. I don't watch a lot of TV so I don't know any of these actors names or faces well except Ashley Judd who will be playing Natalie Prior. Shailene Woodley will be playing Tris, I have the visual of a thin short girl with straight hair in my head, and this girl is close though I'm not sure how short she is. Theo James plays Tobias Eaton and he is close to what I imagined. Really the only person that didn't look like I expected to even a little would be Ray Stevenson who plays Marcus Eaton. I always imagined him as a pudgier, older version of Tobias. This guy is older, but he is super fit! Maybe they will be doing a serious makeover on him for the movie. What do you think about the chosen cast? Also hope they follow the book as much as possible and not take out or change around important parts like they did in the Hunger Games. That really ruined that movie for me a bit. Do you have high expectations when they make a book into a movie? What were your thoughts on the books? Do you PLAN on even watching the movie? I probably will, but have to admit I will probably wait until it comes out on disc. What would you rate it? I give The Divergent series 4 shovels for such a great story.

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