Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year

The New Year is here! (obviously) And with it comes TONS of new books and new authors. I have been searching for both to post to the Facebook page and find one to review. I will hopefully have a review within a week... now I just need to find the book! I have read several books in the past week, but none I wanted to review. Not because they were bad mind you but they were well established authors.. they really didn't need my review. I did do my normal star rating and posted comments on Amazon and B& I feel that it is only fair. They all work hard for those ratings and comments whether they are well established or just starting out. Be sure to LIKE and check out my Facebook page HERE for all the new authors and their books that I have found. I have also started a Pinterest page (HERE) and its been pretty fun! I have a lot I can add to it so it is barely begun. As well as a Twitter page (HERE) for when I post new blogs, reviews, or find a new author for my Facebook page I tweet it. Suggestions and comments are always welcome at any of my pages. I am open to constructive criticism. I wish every one an excellent New Year full of good health and happy reading.

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