Monday, February 17, 2014

Visiting Vintage Books

What is your idea of the perfect book store? Do you envision neat stacks of perfect books each pointed corner aligned, not a one out of place? Is it a messy but ordered collection shelved by subject, author, or genre? A place that you can dig through and find little treasures? I went to this little place that embodies what a book shop is suppose to smell like, feel like, look like, at least to me, and it even has a cat! When I walked into Vintage Books the serious book nerd in me took a deep breath and sucked in a lung full of book scented air. You know the scent I'm talking about. The unique smell only libraries and used book stores have, maybe some new books stores will be lucky to have a wonderful bookish smell. After taking that first wonderful breath I got my first look around. Stacks and shelves of books that at first glance appear to be in a mish mash order, which I would not mind digging through honestly, but on closer inspection are they are separated by age group, genre, and author. It still feels like digging through a treasure chest! The bibliophile in me wanted to spend hours perusing each title and saying hello to the ones I had already read. Unfortunately I only had little a time to spare, but I am determined to return for that long get to know you session!
The shop has little nooks and crannies stuffed with book to peek into and discover little troves of treasure. It would be a wonderful adventure for a young bibliophile to get lost in! So many places to
peek into. I have a 7 year old that would love to look in all these nooks and plonk down with a book in one of quiet corners for a while. The owners, friends of the well known author Erin Hunter, were great to talk to. When asked about a book they knew if they had it or not usually or where it would be if they did. It was while i was having a chat with them I got to meet their cat KoBiJii which is Apache for "fire heart". It may be a fierce name but this cat was all lover, and maybe that is what he is, a fierce lover. He is the perfect cuddly kitty for reading! He has made this the perfect book shop for me! Every store needs a cat, being able to cuddle with him for a few minutes was the highlight of this visit. I also found the book I had been searching for so it made it even better! I will
stop by Vintage Books when I am in town again and visit with KoBiJii more. I will bring my kids with me next time so my little bibliophiles in training can experience this little joy I found. If you ever come to this part of Arkansas be sure to stop in and visit KoBiJii and his people at Vintage Books in Russellville, AR. You can find them on Facebook HERE. Do you have a favorite little book store you like to visit or have you visited one when on vacation that you fell in love with?

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