Monday, March 31, 2014

Dark Cravings by Madeline Pryce

In one word this book is EXPLOSIVE!! It opens up with Ella and Micah hunting for vampire in a cemetery. Perfect date right? These two clearly have a love hate thing going with enough sexual tension to sink the Titanic again. They fight back and forth in only the way two people who want to spend time in each other’s pants can. When they the choice of when not if they do come together is taken out of their hands it is explosive!

Ella Grey works for the Shadow Agency fighting to keep vampire and demon bent on evil off the streets. Though she isn’t quite human and not fully vampire they have let her work for them because of her family connections to the Shadow Agency. Her almost sire Julian left her 7 years ago breaking her heart and messing with her mind, causing Ella to be even more ruthless in fighting vampire than anyone else in the agency.

Micah McGregor the son of the leader of the Shadow Agency is her partner. His role is to report back to his dad, “to spy on her for his rat-eyed fascist father”. Micah has a lot of secrets from his Dad, his brother and the Agency. Some secrets he doesn’t even know. His attraction to Ella is all consuming though and he fights it with every breath.

“You. Are. Mine"

When all hell breaks loose and they are bonded the fireworks are panty dropping hot. Micah goes from being her own personal pain in the ass to a very possessive mate. The dominance goes off the Richter Scales and makes Ella crazy, either with lust or frustration. While they try to figure out the mate thing they learn a few things about themselves they never knew. Julian wants what he believes is his and doesn’t like Micah’s claim to Ella and did I mention the Queen Vamp wants her dead? So much happening you CAN’T put the book down until you get to the very last word! A super fast paced read that keeps your heart pumping in more ways than one. This book is super sexy with plenty of deliciously hot moments to make it fan-FREAKIN-tastic 

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