Friday, March 14, 2014

Deviant (Blood & Roses #1) by Callie Hart

I've entered a whole new deviant world. This book is darker than any erotic BDSM that I have read. The job Zeth does and with what little we see him do to Sloane in the bedroom in this book, he kicks Christian Grey's ass all over the place.

“Are you still a brave Girl?”

When we meet Sloane she is wore down, tired and sick at heart trying to find her sister who had gone missing 6 months before. Willing to do anything to get even a millimeter closer to finding her sister, she makes a deal with the devil, her PI. She sells her body for information. One night with an unknown man of his choosing for information. She never sees his face and only hears his voice. He introduces her to dark pleasures and leaves.

Three years later Sloane is an ER doctor. She still remembers that night, and she still searches for her sister. When a new trauma patient comes in she comes face to face with the man whose voice has haunted her dreams for the last three years.

Zeth first seen Sloane when she had been working night shift at the hospital. He was hooked. He found out everything he could about her and found out her sister was missing and later learned her PI was auctioning off her body. Zeth isn’t a nice guy. He kills people for an even worse man. He has serious inner demons and just isn’t someone you want to mess with. A serious alpha male to the core. When Sloane comes back into his life he is determined to keep her there.

“You gave yourself to me. You’re mine. That’s not something you can undo.”

This DEVIANT is the first in this series, FRACTURED book 2, is due to come out April 7th, and I am looking forward to finding out how Sloane changes Zeth, maybe softens him a little? And how Zeth changes Sloane. Callie Hart did an amazing job with this book. It certainly took me out of MY comfort zone and made me squirm! Well done!

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