Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Embattled Minds by J.M. Madden

Quite simply I’m in love! This guy is everything you want in a man and more! This book brings to home many things that our men and women go through when they take up the mantle of warrior for our country and makes you see it from his angle and doesn’t sugar coat it. PTSD has a huge impact on our troops and the fact that it is finally getting the treatment, albeit not quite as fast as we would like, and the recognition it needs is a huge thing. I couldn’t help but fall a little in love with each one of these guys, but I really have to say Zeke is special. His scars on the outside along with those on the inside just make me want climb up his massive frame (come on he is huge and I’m like 5 foot nothing) and worship him with love. Partnering him with Ember was a stroke of genius on JM Maddens part. She knows her characters so well. I can’t help but wonder who she fell in love with while writing these books. I may have to ask her!!

We meet Ember Norton in Frog Dog Grill she owns with her dad a former Marine. She has been drooling over Zeke, a man who she suspects is a Marine who comes in with a group every Saturday at 7pm. Nothing other than drink and food orders has been said, but a lot of looks have passed between them. Zeke makes her feel safe and protected when the crowd decides to get handsy. The scars covering his face didn’t make him less attractive to her, if anything it made him more so, it made him a fighter for her country. He completely fascinated her. His size and his strength made her melt.

Zeke was just as enthralled with Ember. He thought he was completely unworthy and too fugly for someone as perfect as her. He would watch her every Saturday and want but never have. His face full of scars and his stutter made him unlovable in his own mind. It didn’t stop him from wanting her.

When Ember was missing from the grill Saturday night when they came in his protective instincts kicked in and he went hunting for her. He found her in the kitchen with a bruised and swollen face. He insinuated himself in her life and found out just how lovable she found him. Now she just had to work to make him believe it and that they could have a future together.

This book will melt your heart and make you dream of a Zeke all your very own! I can’t wait to read the rest of this series just so I can find out how he fares and what happens to all the other wonderful guys in the book! Fantastic read! Definitely one to pass on to my friends and rave about.

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On a serious note, PTSD is a serious condition that should get as much attention as possible. So many men and women go through life not even knowing they have it or not getting the treatment they need. It doesn’t take being in the Military to have PTSD. A person who has undergone ANY traumatic event can have PTSD. If you are struggling and you think you need help please seek it. No one needs to suffer alone and PTSD is serious. It not only affects you it can affect those around you, those you love. 

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