Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Author N.L. Hoffmann

Brand spankin new author N.L. Hoffmann on the scene! She just wrote her first book and has some really great reviews. She is currently working on her second. She needs some love on her page and check out her Paranormal Romance while your there! The link to her book is HERE. The link to her Facebook page is below! 


Blood Slaves is about a Vampiress Blake Noble whose daddy is none other than Lucifer was abandoned and raised by the paranormal worlds version of FBI head guy. You can get a download right now for only .99 cents!! Check it out!

N.L. Hoffmann is on Facebook and needs some love on her page! you can find her FB page HERE!! Tell her The Book Quarry sent you!! 

Check out some of these quotes from her reviews!

Do not judge this book by its cover!! It is soooo much more!…This book has murder, mystery, paranormal, and a love story in it.

I can not wait till the next book. This author has a promising future.”- Jen

If you love Paranormal romance you will love this book ! This author is a new read for me and I absolutely loved it..”- Cajun girl in Phoenix

Review, new blog and contest to win an e-copy of this book coming soon!!

Not So Quick 

In the vampire world the Covert has been around for hundreds of years. They take girls off the streets and then sell them to vampires who are looking to “collect” women for unpleasant purposes. It is a nasty business but vampires see humans as objects so buying one from the Covert is like adding another car to your collection. It wasn’t uncommon to hear another girl go missing off the streets, but when girls from well-known families begin to disappear, the Supernatural Crime Division begins to take notice. 

Blake Noble is assigned by her superior to investigate the disappearance of his niece and to take down the Covert. Blake being the daughter of Lucifer and a famous vampire mother uses her abilities to survive through the investigation. Between demon lessons from her father and falling for the Deputy Director she tries to find a way to take down a several hundred year old business. Only she soon realizes people she trusted are involved.

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