Monday, June 23, 2014

Beat the Heat Summer Giveaway!!!

Hello everyone! Today I am so happy to sure with you all a really cool giveaway event that is happening June 27th through the 29th. So, if you'd like a chance to win some really amazing books read on!

About the Event:
For the Beat the Heat Summer Giveaway, 76 authors (yes, you read that right-76!), will be giving away things like e-books, paperbacks(some signed, some not), swag packs, and even Amazon gift cards! All of the giveaways will remain open for 24 hours. We wanted to do this so that everyone, everywhere, has an opportunity to win. We are striving to make this one of the bigger events of the summer, because we love bridging that gap between authors and readers by helping authors find people who'll love their books, and, well, helping readers find some really awesome books!

So you're probably thinking, "Yeah, I've attended one of these before, but they didn't have my genre." Well, with 76 authors, we welcome every genre and you will be hard pressed not to find at least one book you'll love! 

The Hosts:
First off, I would like to mention the hosts of this event.
  • Angie Martin is a lifelong writer and firmly believes that words flow through her veins. Her thriller with a paranormal twist, Conduit, was published for Kindle on March 5, 2014. In 2004, she published her first suspense novel, False Security. Since that time, False Security has been drastically re-written and the revised version is also available as an e-book for Kindle and Smashwords. She is hard at work on a horror short story, a poetry anthology, and the next Emily Monroe novel. Visit her at
  • Jan Raymond is a single mom, juggling work and home. She lives with her two girls and a needy basset hound. She's fulfilled a life long dream of writing a book. Her debut novel 'Circle Of Five' is out, and she is busy finishing the second book of the Pha Yul trilogy.
  • Paige Boggs is a book blogger at Electively Paige, and also an Intern at Indie World Publishing & Author Services. In her free time(yeah, right) she enjoys spending time with her family and friends on her family's mini-farm in South Central Kentucky with her herd of furbabies. She's always loved reading, and it's a rare day that you don't see her curled up with her next favorite. 
The Authors:
Here's a list of all the authors participating, one of your favorites might even be in on the fun! I didn't include all of their bios, because that would make this a HUGE blog post, but you can read more about them in the giveaway threads right now while they're posting introductions, and throughout the giveaway.
1. Angie Martin

2. Jan Raymond

3. Carrigan Richards

4. A. Payne & N.D. Taylor

5. Emma Payne

6. James Gordon

7. Lauren Algeo

8. Heather Dowell

9. Angelica Thaddeus

10. Abby L Vandiver

11. Normandie Allen

12. Joey Paul

13. R Lynn Archie

14. Roberta Pearce

15. Susan Tarr

16. Amanda Dick

17. J Kelly Accinni

18. Sylvia Sarno

19. Penny Ross

20. Roz Carter

21. Marla Monroe

22. Dina Redmon

23. A.G. Chambers

24. Laura Howard

25. C.P. Mandara

26. Diana J Febry

27. Marisa Oldham

28. Sheryl Seal

29. Christina Marie Morales

30. Hunter S. Jones

31. Shay Lynam

32. Yara Roman Greathouse

33. James Chalk

34. Jalpa Williby

35. Gale Stanley

36. A.C. Harrah

37. Marianne Curtis

38. Linda Watkins

39. Laura Albins

40. Brian Zuckerberg

41. Wendi Starusnak

42. Courtney Vail

43. Stephany Tullis

44. Jennifer Loiske

45. Khalid Muhammad

46. Sherry A. Burton

47. Mica Rossi

48. C.L. Heckman

49. Errika Lee

50. Elodie Parkes

51. Lisa Bilbrey

52. Ronnie Strong

53. Monica Enderle Pierce

54. C.J. Fallowfield

55. Ted Galdi

56. Jen Naumann

57. Scott Collins

58. J.C. Scott

59. Patrick Heffernan

60. Gemma Farrow

61. Jana Petken

62. Vibhu Ashok

63. Ella Medler

64. Steve LeBel

65. RS McCoy

66. Shelby K. Morrison 

67. Zhu Hsia 

68. CS Patra

69. Dianne Harman

70. Melissa Rose

71. Allen Renfro

72. Daizie Draper

73. DM Wolfenden

74. Lydia North

75. Glede Browne Kabongo

76. Kathryn Longino

Wow! There sure is a LOT of amazing authors in this giveaway. My Goodreads to be read list is sure to reach epic proportions after this event!

Click the link above or go to to join in on the fun! The giveaway doesn't start until June 27th, but you can join now to meet all the wonderful authors and bloggers as they post their introductions, and also play some fun games those hosts are occasionally posting! I hope you join, it's sure to be lots of fun! Who knows? You might just find your new favorite beach read!

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