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Look Again by Marliss Melton

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Marliss Melton has written a novella to introduce her new series Echo Platoon, the first book DANGER CLOSE will hopefully be released in August. Look Again is special because one it is a prequel, two it bridges the two teams SEAL Team 12 and Echo Platoon together, and third and most important the proceeds to the sale of this book goes to a non profit organization called Hero Dogs. Marliss wrote a fantastic blog post about this that is definitely worth a read. You can find it HERE

Book Description

Tyler Rexall never considered being anything besides a Navy SEAL. But a mission-gone-wrong has ended his career in the Teams, leaving Tyler handicapped, his self-identity obliterated. Returning to his hometown of Louisa, Virginia, Tyler wallows in despair. He has no idea that the young woman showing up on his doorstep with a dog holds his future in the palms of her hands.
Katie Crowley’s lifelong crush on the formidable “T-Rex” hasn’t waned one iota in the last decade. Seeing him beaten down and handicapped arouses her determination to help him, even as she’s being terrorized by a desperate man who is getting bolder by the day.
Can Katie convince a proud

We meet Katie Crowley during a shopping trip. She is having a moment of panic as she feels she is being followed, again. These moments sets off a PTSD attach but not a severe one that is immediately shut down when she turns the corner in the store and sees her High School crush Tyler Rexall. As he walks away she notices he is limping and his being home can only mean one thing. He is out of the SEALs.
Tyler Rexall is depressed and struggling but I don't think he realizes how much. He seems to be barely holding on. When Katie barrels in to his life, seemingly never noticing his missing foot,with a dog it turns his depressing world upside down and it is JUST what he needed.
I loved this book. Just like all of Marliss Melton's other books the falling in love part wasn't instant or easy. They had to work at it and it was difficult emotionally. These two had so many emotional scars, but they were able to deal with them together. Katie because of her training and work was able to help Tyler 'wake up' and Tyler was able to help Katie in ways she didn't think she would be able to over come. 
This book was short but powerful. I look forward to reading the rest of this series!

Meet the Author

Marliss Melton is the author of the bestselling Team Twelve Navy SEALs series, the Taskforce series, and her current Echo Platoon series. Wife of a retired Navy veteran, she relies on her experience as a military spouse and on her many contacts in the Spec Ops and Intelligence communities to pen realistic and heartfelt stories. Daughter of a foreign services officer, Melton grew up in various countries overseas before settling permanently in Williamsburg, Virginia. She has taught Spanish, ESL, and Linguistics at the College of William and Mary, her alma mater. In addition to her writing, Melton busies herself raising a young daughter, keeping tabs on three college students, and walking her miniature Australian sheepdog.

You can read more about her on her website (link is above) as well as read her blog, keep up with book news, and enter her bi-monthly contests! 

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