Friday, June 20, 2014

Trial of Marriage Series Blog Tour

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I get the wonderful honor of hosting R Lynn Archie today in her last blog tour stop. She has given us her dreamcast, for those who have read this series can you see her characters in the people she picked or do you have someone else in mind? Comment below and let us know!

Dreamcast Character List 

Angelique – Nicole Beharie
She came to mind when I thought about the perfect actress to play Angelique. I feel she can portray all aspects of the Angelique perfectly

Trey  - Eddie Cibrian
This wasn’t a hard pick. Eddie is good looking, gotta love his dimples and a smile you can melt into; the best choice possible to play Trey.

Angel – Jenifer Lewis
I needed an actress that was witty, likable and not afraid to say what’s on her mind and Jenifer is that person.

Amanda  - AnnaLynn McCord
This role required someone who parades sex appeal, a combination of classy and slutty attitude mixed together and wouldn’t think twice about doing something to get what she wants. AnnaLynne would be flawless in accomplishing Amanda’s role. 

Bryn  - Ashley Greene
My persona of this character is one that is responsible, focused, a go getter and one that is willing to step in and help. I think of Ashley from Twilight and thought she would fit the role nicely.

Terri  - Rita Moreno
For Trey’s mom I was looking for a strong hot blooded, sassy Spanish female to play the role. I think back to Rita in West Side Story and the part had to go to her.

Frank  - Sam Elliott
Trey’s dad required a handsome mature male that could compliment the role of Terri and Sam Elliot fit the bill.  


Cassie  - Lucy Lui
I was looking for someone who could portray being a high achiever and likable.  

Jason – Alec Mapa 
The character of Jason is a gay male who is flamboyant when he wants to be but also know how to professional dressed with class, outspoken, yet intelligent in his profession. I liked how Alec met those qualities and smart.   

Tracy – Lauren London 
Tracy is cute and friendly and independent but having trouble finding the right guy to compliment her life. Lauren felt right for the role in creating this character.

Chad  - Eddie Cibrian
This was a hard pick because no one could come close to being a near look alike for Trey. Instead, I choose Eddie in a different look to also play Chad.

If this dreamcast has whetted your appetite for 2 fab books the links to them are above so go check them out! Be sure to use the links below to give a shout out to the amazingly talented R. Lynn Archie! 

A Little About R. Lynn Archie

My first love has always been reading.  Toying with the idea of writing for years, I finally decided to use my creative thoughts to write juicy romance eBooks.

When not writing, I'm spending time with my husband, sons, and grand-daughter, or enjoying laughs with my crazy, but lovable friends who I considers sisters from other mothers. Every day is a precious gift, and I'm enjoying it by doing what I'm passionate about.

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