Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beasthood by A.Z. Green

Book Description

The bloody, raw meat was tantalizing her; calling to her. She hated it and yearned for it all at once. 
Stop, she ordered. What are you doing?! 
So hungryyyyy, snarled a primal voice deep within her. 
Don’t you dare! she screamed back. 
But the primal hunger ignored her pleas and took over her body, forcing her rational voice deep within the crevices of her mind. 

What would you do if you discovered you weren't human? That you turned into a bloodthirsty monster against your will? 
What if your instincts, emotions and desires were torn between your own and the dark, dangerous animal lurking inside of you? 
If it could make you yearn for someone you shouldn't, make you say and act in ways you wouldn't and overwhelm your whole existence? 
If everything you'd ever known about your life was a lie? 

In a world where a deeply hidden community is swathed in mystery, deadly secrets, betrayal and murder, Jaz Barker struggles to fight against the dangerous Beast within her and the emotions and desires it thrusts her way. 

When tensions ride high and people she cares about are put in danger, she will have to decide how much of her newly awakened animal-side she's willing to let in. 

And if it is worth the risk...

This book started off a bit slow for me, but it quickly picked up when Jaz is taken on holiday by her Aunt that turns out to be a nightmare for her. 

Jaz is a kid who has some issues and is working hard to deal with them. When her newly found Aunt asks her to take a vacation with her she was ready to get out and go. She couldn't understand why her parents acted like it was a final goodbye but she knew she needed to get away. And the Driver was intriguing... as well as annoying. 
Jaz was becoming something not human and understanding everything and all the changes were overwhelming. She learned some major family secrets that caused her to decide to go along with this kidnapping rather than be forced. She needed answers. 

Driver AKA Nik the Pack Leader struggles with his self over Jaz. He was mated to her sister though Lora was not the right one. Her being Jaz's twin confused the mating sense enough for him to feel it. He loved her and would fight anyone who says different. What he is feeling for Jaz is so much more. 

Things begin to heat up in many ways after Jaz is at the pack's settlement. Someone is wanting to hurt people she has come to care and love. She has to learn to give in to her wild side and take a few risks. 

This book was a great read. I hadn't read anything by this author and I am so glad I had a chance to read this one. I look forward to the next book in the series!

Meet the Author

A.Z.Green was born in 1989 and raised in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. She met the love of her life aged 16 and moved to London, finally settling down near Brighton.

She has written various novels and short stories in her lifetime but has only recently decided to publish. She writes a wide range of genres such as dark fantasy, romance, thriller, historical fiction, dystopian, horror and paranormal. Her books tend to fit better into the New Adult genre as they usually have a more mature theme. Beasthood is her first published novel.

Besides writing she also loves designing blogs, websites, covers for others' books as well as her own and various graphics. She has four blogs/websites and counting. Pinterest and Tumblr keep her busy, as does reading, drawing, painting and watching films. That's if she gets time to do any of these things with a three-year-old jumping around.

When asked in an interview, 'What books have inspired you to write?' she replied, 'I write books I wish existed, not because I'm inspired by a book that already exists.' 

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