Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dark Flames by Melissa Rose

Book Description

Caylee Anderson has never felt like she belonged. She also never felt entirely human. Finding a dying man in her backyard leads her on a journey to discovering her true heritage, and a path that opens her heart to a man who can never give her his.

Nik, a warrior from an ancient race, believes he’s a failure. He can never seem to get it right. When his fight with The Mynystry, an organization set on destroying his kind, lands in Caylee’s backyard, he no longer has the option to play it safe. Nik must rise above his past in order to save her future.

This book is Melissa Rose's debut novel and she broke out into the indie scene with a huge hit! This novel is a fantastic paranormal romantic suspense. The characters are funny and easy to fall for and I am already looking forward to more from this author! 

We meet Nik while he is on the snowy streets of Caldonia with his partner Jensen following the enemy, Hunters for The Mynystry. The Hunters lead them to The Red Room a bar that caters to the supernatural kind. They only stay long enough for Nik and Jensen to warm up before leading Nik into a trap and leaving him for dead in the back yard of Caylee Anderson.

Caylee has had a crap day and comes home to her dog Mali barking a greeting. After dinner and half a book Mali wants out and begins to bark forcing Caylee to investigate. What she finds is a body. A live male body. After a huge struggle, with herself mentally and him physically she gets him to her house and attempts to call for help only to be stopped by him. He tells her how to take care of him and she is thinking he is Mob.

The truth is a whole lot more thrilling and she finds the romance and adventure she craved, and more than she ever thought possible. The danger is close and it gets closer, can they stop it? 

These two spark off each other no matter what they are doing. This book caused me to laugh out loud a few times and Nik is of course drool worthy, making him every woman's dream man. We all wish for someone like him. Then you have Mali and she makes the book even more special. You have to read it to know just how special Mali is. This book is impossible to put down.

Meet the Author

Though I was born in Arizona, and have lived in Oregon and Virginia, I now reside in a cozy little town just east of the Rockies here in Colorful Colorado.

I have always had a love for vampires, a love started in my teenage years after watching The Lost Boys.

Although Midnight Warriors does not have any of my loves in them, my other series does, so check back for more information about The Seven - my next series.

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