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Danger Close by Marliss Melton

Book Description

Navy SEAL Sam Sasseville resents being called upon to repeatedly rescue Madison Scott—an oil tycoon’s daughter—from trouble of her own making. Just weeks after extracting her from drug-riddled Mexico, Maddy disappears into the terrorist-threatened region of El Chaco, Paraguay.

Dedicated to protecting the world’s last agricultural frontier from her family-owned oil wells, Maddy knows her long-dead activist mother would approve of her work, even if that blasted Navy SEAL doesn’t.

But between the terrorists trying to nab her and the shadowy assassin intent on snuffing out her life, Maddy and Sam discover a common goal—keeping her alive—while Sam faces a difficult choice: love Maddy just the way she is or walk away, with just his pride for company.

I have never made it a secret that this is my absolute favorite author and I would certainly love to know a review or blog post I have made introduced you to her! This of course is the first book in her Echo Platoon series with LOOK AGAIN as a prequel, but you will find several characters from her SEAL Team 12 series mentioned in here also. I have a huge love for that series! It is the series I first fell in love with these guys and first 'met' Marliss. I listed the reading order of all her books at the bottom of the blog and hope if you hadn't read them that you will get to them ASAP! If your new or old to Marliss Melton's books I would love to know what you think about them. She is a fantastic lady and her books are just as great! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have! 

Marliss Melton is my absolute favorite author. She writes the most realistic military suspense romance I have ever read. Danger Close was another feather in her cap of excellence. Being immersed in her characters world as they struggle with duty and romance and try to balance them both to make them work is a lesson in compromise. These guys are alpha males and dominants and the women are passionate and strong, sometimes they don't realize just how strong until they are tested. This book is the first book in her newest series Echo Platoon. The prequel for Echo Platoon, LOOK AGAIN, is already out.

We meet Sam Sasseville on a mission he thinks is unworthy of his teams skill and time. He has made his feelings about it well known to his team mates as they go on a rescue mission to pull out a rich girl who didn't have the sense to get out of a war torn Matamoros Mexico when she was told to. His issues with rich people are deeply seeded and this is just another demonstration to affirm his beliefs. Only,  from the moment he first laid eyes on Maddy he can't stop thinking about her. Even when he is in another country and on a new mission his mind is filled with a kiss that could have been more. 

Madison "Maddy" Scott volunteered at El Santuario in Matamoros Mexico as a teacher to young girls. When the call came to evacuate the country she couldn't bring herself to abandon them to be swallowed up by the Drug Lords to be used and sold. When the SEAL team sent to 'rescue' her took her away she had no idea what changes were in store for her. Meeting Sam was the first big one. Her next assignment was the second, and the third was a surprise to everyone. If Sam knew what she was about to do he would tie her up in her bedroom and never let her leave her pampered life. 

When Sam and Maddy meet again it is in the most unlikely of places, causing a huge mess for both of them and a lot sooner than either of them expected. Tension between the two rockets out of control and passion takes over. Being caught together is not an option for either one because if anyone found out the repercussions could be deadly. The thing about keeping things hidden and deadly situations is they normally do go south and when they do, will Maddy or Sam be in the middle of it and who will be the ones riding to the rescue? 

Danger Close has some twists and a lot of action to keep you reading well into the night. It was so hard to put this book down when I started reading it. Her research into every little thing shows in her writing, from the trees in Paraguay to the kinds of equipment they would use. It makes reading these books so realistic and easy to picture every scene. As always with her books I would recommend them to anyone who loves romance and suspense. I'm looking forward to the next read from her already!

Meet the Author

Marliss Melton is the author of the bestselling Team Twelve Navy SEALs series, the Taskforce series, and her current Echo Platoon series. Wife of a retired Navy veteran, she relies on her experience as a military spouse and on her many contacts in the Spec Ops and Intelligence communities to pen realistic and heartfelt stories. Daughter of a foreign services officer, Melton grew up in various countries overseas before settling permanently in Williamsburg, Virginia. She has taught Spanish, ESL, and Linguistics at the College of William and Mary, her alma mater. In addition to her writing, Melton busies herself raising a young daughter, keeping tabs on three college students, and walking her miniature Australian sheepdog.

SEAL Team12 Series

(1) Forget Me Not
(2) In The Dark
(3) Time To Run
(4) Next To Die
(5) Don't Let Go
(6) Too Far Gone
(7) Show No Fear
(8) Long Gone
--  Reclaimed A Christmas Short Story (Novella)
(9) Code of Silence (Novella)

Task Force Series

(1) The Protector
(2) The Guardian 
(3) The Enforcer

Echo Platoon Series

(Prequel) Look Again (novella)
(1) Danger Close

And don't forget her other books that aren't part of a series as well as her historicals written under the name Marliss Moon! 

VeriSEAL (short story)
SEAL of My Dreams Anthology
SEALed With a Kiss Anthology (features Code of Silence) 
Danger's Promise (written under pen name Marliss Moon)
By Starlight (written under pen name Marliss Moon)

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