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More Than I Asked For by T.J. Tims

Book Description

Genevieve Westley lives inside of her head. Her only connections to reality are her two best friends, her grandparents, and her heart-wrenching, emotionally-driven artwork.

Finally stepping out of her comfort zone, a night out with her friends has her stepping into the arms of Lucas Alexander.

Lucas has been labeled many things: rock star, CEO, and devastatingly, handsome panty-dropper.

When these two collide their electric chemistry has them racing towards their happily ever after, but is that enough?

Secret after secret bombards them, turning Gen’s peaceful existence into chaos and confusion. With more questions than answers, will she give it all up or fight, even if it’s more than she asked for?

This is T.J. Tims' debut novel and she blew out onto the market with a flare!! I have fallen in love with her book! With the very first chapter I knew I was not going to be able to stop reading until the last page and I was right! She is witty and funny and her characters will keep you entertained when they aren't making you squirm in your seats.

The world is my Oyster

We first meet Genevieve Westley as she is sitting in a cafe waiting on her soon to be EX boyfriend. She is giving herself a pep talk and you get the idea that she is a bit of a door mat, that she lets people use her. We are quickly corrected of this assumption when she and her room mate/ best friends Hailey and Tara get together. We learn she just likes to live within her own mind and gets lost in her own thoughts or lost in her painting. To cheer Genevieve up all three have a night out at the club Eloa because they all three need it for various reasons.

Time to scope out some Oysters

We first meet Lucas Alexander at club Eloa while he is sitting in the VIP section, and the first meeting of the eyes between Lucas and Gen is enough to give her best friend Hailey fodder for a book! Many shots, a mans shirt and a text message later and this mad and hysterical love affair begins!! 

Oyster acquired

Lucas draws Gen into his life and she meets his friends and family, where she fits perfectly as well as her best friends. Even when HUGE sparks fly between a couple of them as well as another kind of spark?

With secrets on Genevieve's side and Lucas not telling her who he really is this relationship has some great volatile moments you don't want to miss, but not all are amusing. This book does tug your emotions and make you love both of these characters. Not only will you love Lucas and Gen by the end of the book but you will be dying for Hailey, Tara and Lucas's friends stories next. The question is, when the secrets come out will they be able to hold up and stay together or will the secrets ruin it all?

Meet the Author

Unofficial Biography

I was a corporate worker bee that became a stay at home mom. I'm obsessed with reading romance novels and do not stray from my beloved genre.
I was obsessed with Jax Teller from SOA while I was pregnant. My husband and I both have brown hair and brown eyes. Dear husband would joke around with me that I wasn't going to have a baby that looks like Charlie Hunnam. My ovaries and uterus has a pow-wow and 9 months later I gave birth to a blond hair, blue eye, little man that we named Jaks.
I tell everyone my favorite color is black but it's really green. Whenever I tell someone it's green they always want me to go into detail about what shades of green and I never know what shades to tell them. So it's black until further notice(haha).
I have A.D.D., writing and publishing are a huge accomplishment for me.
My biggest accomplishments will always be finding that one in a million guy (my husband) and the birth of my son.
Sometimes when I read, I'll get really excited, jump up and run around the room, then sit down to keep reading.

Okay, enough of the unofficial stuff. Here's the official biography

Raised on the shores of New Jersey, TJ began reading romance novels at the age of fourteen when she picked up Elda Minger's The Dare. From that day forward she hasn't stopped reading romance novels of all subgenres. She focused on her career, working in a corporate office during the day, and read a novel every single night. One day when pausing to breathe between novels, TJ found herself married and pregnant! After being laid off and giving birth to her son, she threw herself into being a stay at home mom.
One month her husband was very upset at her for spending forty dollars on books when she became "one click" happy. Later that evening while doing the math, she realized she had spent FOUR HUNDRED dollars on books, silly husband dropped a zero somewhere. Destroying the evidence, since she was already placed on book probation, TJ decided to think of ways to curb her book purchasing addiction. The only way she could satisfy her active mind was to exercise it by writing her own stories. A story turned into a novel and a novel into a series. During the day TJ focuses on her household that is overrun with testosterone; one beefcake husband, one son that takes after beefcake husband, and two male dogs. In the evening she taps away at her keyboard letting her mind play. Be sure to follow TJ on Facebook for updates

All her links are above be sure to stalk her properly! If I find more I will update accordingly! Be sure to drop her a line telling her how awesome her book is!
*from Amazon Profile

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