Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Deep South Cover Reveal!


Book Four – Deep South – will be released on Friday, September 5, 2014. 

The highly anticipated sequel to the Naive Mistakes Series!
This is a full-length novel with no cliffhanger and which can be read on its own! (Although the author won’t complain if you read Books One to Three first...)

What People Said After Book Three

"Loved it and want more!" ~ B&N
"...wish there was a 4th book..." ~ Amazon
"Loved the series — would love a 4th book" ~ Goodreads

Well, now there is...

Here’s how we roll in Book Four

Conall Williams – billionaire, British, inked to the max and sexy to the core. Heir to a fortune so large that people shiver at mention of his family’s name.
Leora Caivano – raised privileged on the Upper East Side, kickin it up in Britain now, living it up with the hottest, sexiest, most amazing bad-ass to hit the face of the earth. (Did we mention Conall?)
But now... Bettina Langford—High Queen and biatch of the University of England. Kicking her ass just ain’t simple enough.  Because she’s connected.
There’s that haute coutere fashion designer who has them running until they’re falling asleep on the train on their way home. There’s Kayla’s mom—high-class Madame from New York City. There’s Leora’s mom (basically, a drunk.) There’s Leora’s Dad (“Tony”)—but we can’t tell you much about him...yet. There’s a pool fight, a barfight, a chick-fight, a man-fight... There’s Trey—the MI6 (we think...) best friend of Conall. The West-End Boys. “Clint Eastwood.” There’s computer hacking, there’s sex, intrigue, secrets. There’s a break-up. There’s a wedding...
In other words, this is Naïve Mistakes, baby. And nothing in Naïve Mistakes is simple. Something is always happening, there’s always danger, there’s always love, and there’s always steam, lots of steam. Dripping loads and buckets of it...

Enjoy the ride...


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