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T.J. Tims' More Than A Deal ✠Review & Giveaway✠

Book: More Than A Deal
Author: T. J. Tims
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Humor


Book Two in the More Than DC series by T.J. Tims
How would you feel if everyone that you love has kept secrets from you?
Well, Quincy Westley is sick of the shit. All she wants is to resolve the past and move on with the future. A future that she may not be prepared for.
After a weekend of spending time getting to know the half-sister she didn’t know existed, she’s attracted the attention of Kaine Alexander. With his help, Quincy can learn to successfully navigate her Westley family’s social circle.
Kaine is a man in charge. He’s the head of his family’s empire. It’s his way or… no, it’s just his way. When his mother meddles in the family business and has him presented with an ultimatum he’ll do anything to make sure he doesn’t lose it all; thumbing his nose at the challenge.
A deal has been struck.
When you add crazy friends, meddling family, and raw attraction, the lines of any deal can and will become blurred.

Kaine: Alpha- arrogant- loves his family above himself and can't stop thinking about his "little bird"

Quin: Tattoo Artist- strong- vibrant- deep thinker- doesn't let others tell her how to live, loves her sisters fiercely- becomes confused when Kaine enters her world.

Nix: famous Tattoo Artist- Boss- friend- possible problem?

Simply put, More Than a Deal was an incredibly funny, sexy, hot and nearly impossible to be put down continuation of More Than I asked For. If you read the first book GREAT! you know exactly how freakin' good it is, and this one is just as fantastic. It picks up after the slap heard around the world... OK maybe more all over the house. The first time Quin meets Kaine she slaps the heck out of him because she thought he was his twin brother.. who was dating her sister. Talk about passion! This is just the very beginning, before he tells her about his deal...

The deal is struck

A ton happens that you will be gripping your ereaders over. And I will tell you now if you say you didn't laugh out loud I will call you a liar! I had to message the author just to tell her she nearly killed me because I laughed so hard. This book has very hot and steamy moments, these scenes are scorchers. T.J. Tims' characters have the best personalities and they interact with each other like a choreographed dance. A lot of give and take between them. From the main characters to the delicious secondary characters such as Mannix and Matteo they interact like real friends and family.

Quin who just came back from a meeting with her new found sister is shook up because she found herself attracted to her sister's boyfriend's twin brother Kaine. Kaine is usually controlled, but when it comes to Quin.. not so much. When her boss Nix who she has had a major crush on for years later walks out of the tattoo shop to find her kissing Kaine could it wake him up to what he has been missing and cause a problem to this budding fiery new romance that hasn't even started yet?

This book gives so much more than you expect. It is definitely MORE. I can't sing its praises enough, along with the very talented author T.J. Tims'. I am already drooling, panting and anxiously waiting for her to write book 3!!

Author Bio

Raised on the shores of New Jersey, T.J. began reading romance novels at the age of fourteen when she picked up Elda Minger’s The Dare. From that day forward she hasn’t stopped reading romance novels of all subgenres. She focused on her career, working in a corporate office during the day, and read a novel every single night. One day when pausing to breathe between novels, T.J. found herself married and pregnant! After being laid off and giving birth to her son, she threw herself into being a stay at home mom.
During the day T.J. focuses on her household that is overrun with testosterone; one beefcake husband, one son that takes after beefcake husband, and two male dogs. In the evening she taps away at her keyboard letting her mind play. Be sure to follow T.J. on Facebook for updates.

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