Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Elizabeth Finn's The Innocent Liar ✜Review✜

The Innocent Liar

By: Elizabeth Finn

Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Musa Publishing
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A woman hiding from her past. A man lost in his own…


Fiona was desperate to find a life in Jackson, Wyoming, but when a job interview that was supposed to be a sure thing turns ugly, she doubts there’s much hope of it. Eli sees through her lies, and regardless of the favor his father has asked of him, he’s just too stubborn to hire a woman who refuses to even give him her real name.

But there is a reason for everything, and he finds out soon enough her deceptions have a purpose too.
Secrets and lies are nothing to build a relationship on, but a relationship isn’t something either of them seem able to avoid. They’re simply magnets pulled together in a situation that should be driving them apart, but Eli has his own ghosts to contend with, and his past leaves him incapable of trusting a woman he can never fully know.

How can they move beyond her lies when the truth is what Eli really needs, and when her past threatens to destroy her, can he rise above his own needs to protect her—his innocent liar?


Eli: Self proclaimed asshole and all around dick, super control freak, avoids relationships at all costs.

Fiona- Fifi- Fluffy: Girl on the run, mysteries abound, drives Eli crazy all the while she makes him drool. 

I never thought I would or even could fall in love with an asshole but Eli is the most delectable asshole ever! I can not express just how much I absolutely fell for this guy. I love this book and it will be so hard telling you how much without giving away spoilers like crazy. So, I will just tell you this one had me going nuts! Now in real life Eli would get a swift kick in the junk with me running away as fast as I could immediately after. I am certain Fiona felt the same way when she first meets him, even though he was some serious sex on a rather large stick. These two fought and argued all the way to the bedroom, and nearly set my pages on fire. The story just kept me spellbound. Her mystery and his need to completely control his world was like watching and waiting for a volcano to blow. When it does who will be left standing. 

The characters were strong and perfectly written. I can not write anything bad about them. I just loved them both. The story was solid. It draws you in and keeps you there to the end. If I had a top list of the month this would be my number 1 pick for December. I highly recommend it for those who like hot steamy reads with strong women and alpha men who learn that they can love. Fantastic work!

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Elizabeth Finn is a multi-published contemporary romance author. Her passion is creating stories packed full of angsty believable conflicts, characters who leave you rooting for them, and romance that might just short-circuit your e-reader. She likes her characters flawed and scarred, but they always find the best part of themselves on their journey, and her readers find themselves devoted to her authentic, honest and heartfelt voice.

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  1. I love this review!!! Lovely, and I'm so glad you enjoyed The Innocent Liar. Thanks for participating in the blog tour!

    1. I am so thrilled you loved the review! I as you know LOVED your book and fell madly in love with Eli and Fiona's spunk was just what he needed :D These two characters just flew off the pages and became real, I could envision them so well. Just loved them. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your tour and having the opportunity to read your book! ~Mellena