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Jessica Florence's Evergreen ☞Review☜

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It was supposed to be an easy stake out. Until a bunch of bachelorettes mobbed me,changing my life forever.I couldn't get Andi Slaton, with her red hair, blue eyes, and cotton candy flavored lip gloss out of my head.But when she offers herself to aid the FBI to help me take down the biggest criminal family in Tampa, Florida, my very sanity is put to the test watching her spend time with my arch enemy.She's everything I want, I will be everything to her. We will be Evergreen. ***

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Evergreen was really funny to read. When I wasn't laughing I was having to fan because of the steam. Ryder and Andi know how to drive each other, and in turn the reader, completely insane with lust. They spark off each other more than kindling to flames. It has some great suspense and mystery. The characters are the special treat. They make the book come alive. This book needs a few warning labels though! One for these super hot sexy scenes and another for making me hungry for sweets! 

Ryder gets a taste of cotton candy and needs more while he is on the hunt for bad guys for the FBI. Andi who called herself Candy Tease while out on the town for a bachelorette party is not use to accosting strangers let alone molesting them was in shock by her behavior. When Ryder hunts her down inside after their lip-lock out front her shock doesn't stop her from issuing a challenge, which he accepted. 

Finding Andi was a cinch, but finding her with one of the bad guys really puts a kink in his lustful thoughts, but didn't stop him. His world became hell when she was offered to help bring down the bad guys and for Ryder Andi accepted. 

I absolutely loved this book. It was fun, fast, funny and hot! It leaves room for a second book with the way Ryder's partner Rex and Andi's employee Dallas acted together. I want to read more! I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys hot romance with some suspense in the mix. 

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Author Bio: I am a books, movie, and music nerd. I can tell you about every book I’ve read chapter by chapter. Can tell you about every movie I’ve ever seen, and can sing songs I’ve only heard once. I’m pretty talented right?! I absolutely love writing. It’s been a pure dream to write and put my stories out into the world for all the lovely readers to have in their grabby hands. I currently own my own business in Southwest Florida. I love the warm weather, and the humidity. I love torturing my husband ;) playing with my dog Rogue, and making my super cute as hell baby smile. I’m obsessed with survival stuff. Just put me out in the woods for a weekend and I will Bear Grylls it up! I’m not a good cook, I can make quesadillas like no bodies business though! I will always be me, and stand up for what I feel. I am a geeky redhead that reads books, and likes to be outside. That’s me. <3

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