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Matthew Armstrong's Sex God ✧Author Interview✧

Sex God
Author: Matthew Armstrong
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Erotica
Publisher: Be Your Potential Books
Release Date: Mar 28 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print


Alex Sterling and his wife Angela are a young couple with two children Tristan and Holly living on the Costa del Sol in Spain. They seem to be the perfect couple with two bright young children, and despite their escalating money worries, they are living an incredible lifestyle on the sunny Mediterranean coast.
But beneath the surface, Alex is unfulfilled in his life and marriage and decides to risk it all by making an indecent proposal to Angela in a last ditch attempt to revive their flat-lining lives. He proposes an open-relationship, which much to his surprise opens a repressed Pandora ’s Box for Angela, a side of her that he has never known — setting them off on an erotic adventure that would make anyone’s head spin and juices flow. It seems to have been a good decision with amongst other intense erotic encounters, it introduces them to BDSM, the swingers’ scene and even finds them on a Russian billionaire’s yacht in a Jacuzzi with the billionaire’s blonde bombshell daughter. Their eyes are opened to the many dimensions of erotic experience two lovers can have, but these experiences are not without their risks.
A turn of unfavourable events manifest, from his kids being expelled from school for a failure to keep up with school fees, to the arrest of the swingers party hosts for secret filming and blackmail. All of this sends Angela into meltdown, blaming and resenting Alex for directing their lives to this point of no return. Alex’s worst fears are then realised as Angela abruptly ups and leaves with the children, moving to Portugal to live with an ex soccer star, old flame from her past — A man of means and a man of power, who Alex feels he is no match for. Alex’s world falls apart around him and a mental breakdown ensues catapulting him on a spiritual pilgrimage as he scrambles to regain his sanity. On this pilgrimage he encounters Lalita an exotic tantra goddess, who he immediately becomes infatuated with and who introduces him to yet another dimension of unity through tantra. She disappears from his life as quick as she entered it and Alex is almost driven crazy once more attempting to find her along the pilgrim’s way.
His pilgrimage offers him much more than he bargained for as he is forced to overcome intense and excruciating physical pain, ego transcendence and a near death experience where instead of running to sure safety, he faces down some wild mountain dogs that have viciously attacked a Japanese pilgrim; and in the process saves her life and becomes revered by her group. He then makes another difficult decision as to whether to return home or remain a pilgrim in the special land, a place and an identity that he has become very much at home with.
Upon arriving home, Alex is overcome and uplifted by two startling and monumental events. First a business partnership from a chance meeting earlier on the billionaire’s yacht, that proposes to put an end to all his money worries for a lifetime. Secondly the surprise return of Angela and the children. Alex is irrevocably changed and transformed from the culmination of the entire adventure, as is Angela, who finally reveals to him the skeletons that were in her closet that had contributed too many of their previous underlying relationship troubles — the truth clearing the way for their future together. But their adventure is far from over. On the contrary it has only just begun.

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“I think that it was a really great thing you did when you suggested the open relationship. So many men would just go off and have affairs, but you freed both of us to be ourselves and experience our own sexuality however we want and with whomever we want. I admire you for that,” Angela says, the sincerity in her voice and admiration in her eyes evident.
I take a deep breath and sigh. “I did, didn’t I?” We sit in silence for a moment as I formulate in my head what I am going to say next.
“So, who is he?” I say, deciding to tread carefully forward.
“Who’s who?” Angela replies.
“The guy that you have been messaging on your phone every day for the past month.”
“How do you know I have been messaging a guy?”
“Angela, I am not stupid. Some nights you have stayed up until 2 a.m. and I can hear your phone bleeping every couple of minutes. I have seen you almost run to see the message when it bleeps, dropping whatever you are doing at the time. The bleep that your phone is making is different from the messaging service that you normally use. It’s obvious, so please just be open with me.”
“Okay, Columbo, you got me. But just remember that it was you who suggested the open relationship. You did this. So you can’t be upset or angry with me for anything. Okay?”
“Angela, I am not upset or angry. I am excited for us. I didn’t expect things to go as they have. I didn’t think that I would have lost my desire to pursue the women I wanted to have sex with, I didn’t think that you would have been so quick off the mark with whatever you have been doing and I didn’t think that my attraction and desire for you would have gone through the roof as it has.”
Angela sighs and looks away. “You’re trying to make me feel bad, aren’t you?”
“No, of course not. I didn’t think that you would be interested in any other guys but I can see a new lease on life in you and I am happy about that. Your excitement and enthusiasm is infectious and to be honest I am really getting off on it.” Angela looks at me; she seems lost for words.
“So tell me about him. Who is this mystery guy you have been messaging every day? Did you sign up to one of those casual dating sites or something?” I say, feigning ignorance.
“Alex...I don ́t want to upset you.”
“Do I look upset? No, I am happy for you and I just want us to be open and honest about everything.

Mellena: What was the hardest thing to write about in Sex God? What was the easiest?

Matthew: The book flowed from start to finish. I wrote over a thousand words nearly every day and sometimes 2000 or more. There was a part towards the end when Alex was facing and overcoming his fears that brought me to tears writing it. My hope is that the reader also connects to this on a deep level

Mellena: How do you decide on your cover?

Matthew: There is a symbol on the cover that conveys the message of the book. I chose this symbol specifically and some readers will decide to investigate this further, but most won't. I wanted something that stands out and I believe the cover design I chose does this well.

Mellena: Which character was your favorite to write in this book? Which was the most difficult?

Matthew: Alex, the protagonist was my favourite character to write about, simply because I could relate to him best and live the story through his eyes. Angela was the most difficult because I had to think like a woman. I was only able to pull this off because I had been a life coach to hundreds of women over the last decade and they tell me their deepest and darkest secrets. Some critics of Sex God said that it was all from a mans point of view, but I disagree. When one has listened to thousands of women's points of view over the years in  personal and private coaching situations and at the same time worked with them for solutions, deep insights are gained.

Mellena: You wrote about a subject that couples most likely have fantasized about at least once during their marriage, but you also have shown the good, bad and the ugly of what the fantasy can give as well as the growth this one couple goes through. Is there one thing you want your reader to take away from your story?

Matthew: I want to the reader to question the status quo. Most people are living lives of quiet desperation and will leave their earthly body's full of gnawing regret, questioning what if...! Why are you living the way you are? Is it because that is how you were told things are or should be? What if they were wrong? What if there is a better way? And what if you had the courage to boldly live your highest desires?

Mellena: How much research do you usually do for a book? What is your biggest research gathering tool?

Matthew: Zero research for Sex God. I simply turned on a tap in my mind and it all flowed out.

Mellena: Do you read your reviews? Do you ever respond to them if you do? And if you do read them do you take anything away from the readers praise and criticism?

Matthew: I love reading my reviews. I haven't responded to any. I have to say that my reviews have been incredibly encouraging for the most part. I received one critical review that I found myself nodding my head to and saying silently in my head “She's right!” I am open to truly constructive criticism and do learn from it. I can also read between the lines and am able to decipher between this and that of someone who has an aversion to the story line, philosophy of the book or characters.

Mellena: Do you have a favorite place to write and or get ideas?

Matthew: I mostly write in cafe's. I tend to concentrate better when there is bit of hustle and bustle and the aroma of coffee in the air

Mellena: Do any of your characters have real life inspiration?

Matthew:I believe that to be effective in our story telling we must draw on real life for inspiration. Even with far out sci fi, I would be surprised if the author doesn't match their characters up with those they know in real life.

Thank you so much Matthew for taking time to answer my questions! 

Author Information

Matthew Armstrong comes from Irish descent, attending the same grammar school as Oscar Wild — but only for a short while, as he was expelled for speaking his mind and not conforming.  
Through two decades of living and travelling in 6 continents, he has gained much life experience and studied many cultures and ways of life along the way.
Originally an Author of non-fiction, covering topics from health, philosophy, relationships, spirituality & human potential, Matthew now finds his inspiration in writing fiction. 
His first novel 'Sex God' is a ground breaking work that brings a breath of fresh air to the erotica genre and sets a new standard for other authors in this genre to follow.
Matthew lives on the east coast of Spain with his family, and generally spends his days teaching martial arts, writing in cafes and playing on the beach with his son.

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