Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Davida Lynn's Outlaw Country ⋉Review⋊

Colton Wade is outlaw country. He doesn't care what or who he trashes. As long as he gets a groupie and a drink after the show, he'll go to bed more than satisfied. He's a rising star with his eyes on the prize, and nothing is going to stand his way. 

Gracie Hart is as pure as pure can be, but she doesn't see that as a good thing. She's a pop-princess looking to lose some of that purity. It ain't the easiest ask with her mother managing her career and her every step. Gracie is ready to do a little living, and Colton might just be the man to make her a woman. 

When their record company brings the two stars together to sing a duet, there's more than just musical harmony. There's no doubt in Colton's mind that he has to have her. Gracie's mother knows Colton is no good, and she'll do whatever it takes to make sure Gracie stays as pure as white sheets drying in the Georgia breeze.

Outlaw Country is about a badboy self indulgent country singer who meets his match in many ways when he sings a single with Gracie Hart the epitome of a good girl pop star with a dragon for a mother. These two have sparks flying off them from the very second they are in a room together. They are so different and yet they make the best music together.

Colton is brash, course and direct, while Gracie is has a hidden temper. This book also has a secondary romance that is kind of sweet. The romance between Gracie and Colton is steamy, the sex scenes aren't overly descriptive. 

 I enjoyed Part 1 completely. The writing was good. The characters were fun. The plot is a used one but it was done very well. Part 2 was where I had my issues, and I'm sure they are mine. It just didn't make sense to me.  This would be good for anyone looking for a sweet romance.

My rating system is different from Amazon where this will be a 3☆. See my rating chart to the right.

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