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Dirk Greyson's Sun and Shadow ♡♥Review, Guest Post & Giveaway♥♡

Sun and Shadow

Author: Dirk Greyson
Series: Day and Knight (Book 2)
Genre: M/M, Contemporary, Adventure
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: Nov 9 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print

Dayton “Day” Ingram is recovering from an injury suffered in Mexico—and from his failed relationship with fellow Scorpion agent, Knight. While researching an old government document, Day realizes he might be holding the key to finding an artistic masterpiece lost since WWII.
But the Russians are looking for it too, and have a team in place in Eastern Europe hunting it down. Day and Knight are brought back together when they are charged with getting to the painting first.
Knight wants to leave Mexico and everything that happened there behind, and return to the life he had—except it wasn't much of a life. When he's partnered up with Day, keeping his distance proves to be challenging. But Day is as stubborn as Knight and isn’t willing to let him walk away.
Their assignment leads them through Germany and Austria with agents hot on their tail—agents willing to do whatever it takes to get to the masterpiece first. If Day and Knight can live long enough to find the painting, they might also discover something even more precious—each other.

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Dirk Greyson's Sun and Shadow is book 2 in his Day and Knight series and was even better than the first book. These two characters are not your typical romance characters or love interests. Knight fights against being involved with Day as hard as he can. Day is a good humored and easy going man, but even he gets tired of being pushed aside. This second book is so well written and so descriptive and so full of story that it can almost stand up as a standalone. I really think a reader needs the first book for Day and Knight's background as well as the back story that is discussed in this book. But it really could be read and enjoyed by itself, a reader would miss out on important information as well as the beginning of Day and Knights relationship. 

The plot is a unique one. It was thrilling, adventurous and has a few twists and turns. Though the story in this book is concluded it is open ended whetting my appetite for book 3. I am already anticipating the next installment and can not wait to find out what my two favorite guys get up to next and how Knight is handling his feelings for Day. I very highly recommend this series and I recommend this book to all who love a fantastic romantic adventure with two hot men.

Knight cringed but said nothing. Day had done a good job, and yeah, he’d saved their skins and taken a bullet in the process. Knight should have been happy, and grateful to him for what he’d done, but instead all he wanted to do was hole up in his house and stay away from everyone and everything other than the memories of what was supposed to be important to him… and where his thoughts should be centered. That trip to Mexico had turned everything upside down, and he had to get his head on straight. “I can’t argue with you.”
“Good. Then you’ll listen to me, pull your head out of your ass, and check on how your partner is doing.” The tone of disappointment from Mark was more effective than the words he’d actually used. “He is your partner.”
“Was my partner on the last assignment,” Knight corrected and stifled a groan. Mark was prepping him without actually spilling the beans… or at least he was trying to. He noticed that Mark let the subject drop. Mark had said all he was going to on this subject, and even if Knight pushed it, Mark wouldn’t give him either a confirmation or a denial.
“Do I have to play the part of one of the nuns?” Mark had gone to a series of Catholic schools and had shared a number of stories over the years, especially about how the nuns had been able to guilt even the hardest-hearted of the boys into doing exactly what they wanted. “I could act like Sister Mary Manipulation.”
“Fine. You win,” Knight agreed as the front doorbell rang.
Excerpt 2 Contains Strong Language
“I came to see how you were doing,” Knight said as he strode inside. “Nice place,” he added automatically.
Day hadn’t done much with furniture. The place was utilitarian and basic, and that was about all, but it was home. “Did someone guilt you into paying a visit?” He closed the door.
Knight sighed. “Do we really need to do this?”
Day walked into the living room and sat on the blue slipcovered sofa. “No. I don’t suppose it would do any good. It isn’t like you owe me anything. We were on assignment together, and things….” Day swallowed. He’d spent most of the time he was alone at home recuperating thinking about Knight and what they’d done together. Their assignment to break up a terrorist plot had been a huge success with only one blemish—a bullet through Day’s shoulder.
“We were in close proximity, and things got a little out of hand. We both had too much to drink and….” Knight wandered over to the window. “What happened on the ship needs to stay there.”
“I think I knew that already,” Day sniped. “I got that pretty loud and clear when you didn’t even bother to call to see how I was. That’s your way, isn’t it? If something happens that doesn’t fit in your little worldview, you just ignore it or lock it away in a box somewhere in that tiny brain of yours and go on as though nothing happened.”
“What? You want to come out and tell everyone in the office what happened?” Knight said, and Day smiled a little. At least he’d gotten some sort of rise out of him.
“No. I don’t. And I figured that after the first few days, your assholeness had probably taken over, and you were digging yourself into a Marine foxhole so deep you were probably halfway to China.”
Knight whirled around on his heels, eyes dark and blazing.
Day felt heat start in his head and slide down his spine, radiating outward. He’d seen that expression before, and he remembered what had happened afterward—so did the rest of his body. But he pushed it away.
“Fuck you,” Knight ground out above a whisper. His body tightened enough that Day could have attached strings and played him like a cello. “You don’t know shit about anything.”
Day wasn’t sure that was true. He’d thought plenty over the past week about his time with Knight and what they’d done together. But there was no way that he wanted to announce to the office—or to anyone else—that he was gay. Hell, an announcement like that would likely be the end of a career that he had fought for. He’d just gotten his first assignment, and he’d taken a bullet to help make sure it was a success. “You think.”
“I know.” Knight put his hands behind his back and slowly came closer.
If Day hadn’t known better, he’d swear he was being stalked. “You can put the Marine intimidation tactics away. They aren’t going to work on me. I’ve seen you naked, remember? You don’t have a lot to hide.”
That stopped Knight in his tracks and seemed to throw him off guard. He scoffed. “I didn’t come here to fight with you.”
“Well, showing up after a week of your hiding and egotistical wound licking wasn’t going to get you much else.”
“So we fucked a few times when we were on the ship. We were surrounded by gay guys all day long, and they….”
“What? Locked us in the room together? Poured the booze down our throats so we’d let our guard down and screw each other into the mattress? Just admit we had a good time.”
“Fine,” Knight said. “But it can’t continue. And no one can know,” he added sharply enough that Day jumped slightly. “People in the organization cannot find out.”
“I agree with you. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be civil to each other. This ‘turn away and pretend nothing happened’ shit is for schoolgirls. We did spend a week sleeping in the same bed.” Day stood. “And I know things about you that no one else on earth knows.” He immediately wished he hadn’t said that because an image of Knight in bed, mouth open, eyes wide and filled with heat, reflecting Day’s own, flashed into his mind’s eye. Day swallowed and blinked, pushing it away because those memories wouldn’t do him any good.
Excerpt 3
“Excellent.” Dimato looked down at the file and then back up at him. “Catch up on your e-mail and things, and then come to my office in an hour. I have a task that I think is right up your alley. It’s research to start, but it could quickly turn into more.” He smiled and then continued on his way down the aisle of cubicles. Day sat down and booted up his computer, then opened e-mail, groaning at the hundreds sitting in his in-box. He began sorting them and managed to get through all of the routine things. The rest he answered or forwarded to the appropriate people before meeting Dimato in his office.
“Close the door.”
Day did and sat down. “What can I help with?”
“You’ve been watching the news on television,” Dimato prompted, and Day nodded. “Then you know that the current Russian president is becoming more and more like Stalin with each passing day. He’s moved to reintegrate many of the former Soviet republics back under Russian control, and we believe Eastern Europe is in his sights next. But they’ve had a very good taste of freedom, and it isn’t likely he’ll succeed easily there.” Dimato paused a moment, and Day nodded his agreement. Dimato wasn’t telling him anything he hadn’t heard already.
“We’ve intercepted some communications from the Russians, and I need you to use your linguistic skills to see if what we believe they’re talking about is possible.” Dimato passed him a file.
“I can do that,” Day said as he took the file and opened it to the first page.
“They’re looking for something that may have been lost during World War II. I skimmed the file, and I couldn’t determine what they were hunting for. But you may be able to figure it out.”
“I’ll do my best. What’s the priority?”
“Make it your top one for now. My instincts are telling me there’s more here than we’ve figured out so far. It looks like they’re hunting for a work of art, but the Russians wouldn’t spend a great deal of energy and time on something unless it was important. What we intercepted was from the military, so it’s important enough that they’re involved, and we need to know why.”
“I’ll get on it right away,” Day stood, holding the file, his heart beating a little faster. This was what he’d come to Scorpion Logistical Services to do, and it made his blood race. He loved unraveling mysteries and puzzles. He hoped the one he held would be interesting.

How did you like going from Contemporary to Paranormal? Was it a huge challenge?

When I first started writing, Andrew wrote a few fantasy stories.  The Children of Bacchus series and I really liked it.  I have really wanted to write paranormal for some time, but Andrew is known for contemporary romance.  When I developed Dirk, I decided he would write paranormal and I had an amazing time with it.  Writing paranormal was a challenge. With a contemporary romance there is minimal world building, but with paranormal its essential and I really loved the process.  Challenge the Darkness was my first paranormal in quite a while, but I have finished the second, Darkness Threatening and I have plans for more.  I have so many idea running through my head. 
As a writer I love a challenge and variation.  That’s why I created Dirk so I could write suspense as well as paranormal.  One thing I’m finding is that writing something different on occasion is making my other work fresher and for me more interesting. I hope the readers find it that way as well.

Meet the Author 

Dirk is very much an outside kind of man.  He loves travel and seeing new things.  Dirk worked in corporate America for way too long and now spends his days writing, gardening, and taking care of the home he shares with his partner of more than two decades.  He has a Master’s Degree and all the other accessories that go with a corporate job.  But he is most proud of the stories he tells and the life he's built.  Dirk lives in Pennsylvania in a century old home and is blessed with an amazing circle of friends. 

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