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Robin Covington's Her Secret Lover ↬Review & Giveaway↫

Her Secret Lover 
by Robin Covington
Release date: 1/18/16

About the book

Kelsey Kyle will do whatever it takes to get into the management trainee program at the casino where she works. So when she’s given the opportunity to get a VIP customer’s endorsement for the program, she jumps at the challenge. All she needs to do is arrange a one-on-one fan experience with the woman’s favorite author, tall-dark-and-intense Micah Holmes. 
An entire week at a Vegas romance readers’ convention, surrounded by hundreds of people, is Micah Holmes’ idea of hell. But one look at Kelsey, his assigned hotel concierge, and the attraction is immediate. Maybe this week won’t be so bad after all…
Anything beyond a “strictly professional” relationship will get Kelsey fired, but she needs to get close to Micah to get the super fan experience her client wants. Hot sex in her apartment pool begins a game of “undercover lover” that quickly escalates to something more. But when Micah discovers her secret agenda, all bets are off.
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Thursday Afternoon

Micah Holmes Fan Club Event 
“There are so many of them...hundreds, I think,” Kelsey said as she closed the door of the huge hotel ballroom. 
Micah paced in front of the table set up in the front of the room for the signing part of the fan club event. Books, piles of them, were stationed behind the large screens running behind it and the full length of the room. Hanging on the screens were huge foam-mounted posters of his book covers and the promo images from the movies. He’d made them take down the ridiculous King Kong-size headshot of himself earlier. 
He couldn’t stand the thought of having him staring at him the whole goddamn day. He was nervous enough as it was. 
“They are lined up throughout the entire second floor lobby area and then down the stairs.” Kelsey kept talking as she walked over to him, stopping his pacing progress when he caught sight of her beautiful body. She even made the austere black suit look sexy, especially when she bent over and the swell of her breasts peeked out from the top of the button- down shirt. Or when she tucked her long hair behind her ear and it exposed the curve of her neck, which he really wanted to kiss and suck and taste. He was so involved in making that dirty little mental “to-do” list that he was surprised when she stopped right in front of him. Her grin was huge and very excited and completely oblivious to the turn his mind had taken. “I’m thinking hundreds and hundreds.” 
Jesus. He was picturing her in bed, and she was still talking about the horde of people in the lobby. 
“Your legs look sexy as hell in those heels,” he said in a voice low enough that only she could hear. 
She raised an eyebrow at his comment. “I tell you that you have hundreds of fans outside waiting for the chance to meet you, and you’re ogling my legs?” 
Micah swallowed hard, his nerves taking a beating from the battling sensations of crowd anxiety and lust. “It’s either that or I go back to the restroom and throw up.” 
Her eyes widened on a sharp laugh. “Ogle away then, ogle away.” 

Her Secret Lover was a tantalizing read. Micah is probably my second favorite kind of male character. If I can't have the ultra alpha confident male then the shy, smart, strong and virile one will do! Kelsey is a go getter kind of gal and I liked that about her. She struggles with her choices and this makes me like her even more. 

The book is a fun read with stealthy romance. It has a lot of visual details to stimulate a readers imagination and scintillating ones to rev them up. I would recommend it for the romance lovers out there. 

About the author

A USAToday bestseller, Robin Covington loves to explore the theme of fooling around and falling in love in her books. Her stories burn up the sheets. . .one page at a time. When she’s not writing she’s collecting tasty man candy, indulging in a little comic book geek love, and stalking Chris Evans.  Don't send chocolate . . . send eye candy!

Robin’s books have won the Golden Leaf Award and finaled in the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice, the Book Seller’s Best and the National Reader’s Choice Awards. 

She lives in Maryland with her handsome husband, her two brilliant children (they get it from her, of course!), and her beloved furbabies.

Drop her a line on her email - she always writes back.

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