Thursday, April 7, 2016

Twisted Sisters Day!!

Today I don't have a review or a tour to post. Today I am picking up my best friend, fellow blogger from RBTL Reviews and evil cohort Anna up from the airport!! We call ourselves the Twisted Sisters and even have a book club if anyone would like to join. Here is a list of books we are planning to read. They are drawn via

We met because of books, we spend hours talking about books and we love each others company even when NOT talking about books. The only suckish thing is we live over a thousand miles apart. But we will be spending the next 2 weeks together! Two serious introverts with loner tendencies and book hoarder jealousies being together for 2 weeks should make for some comical moments right?! Anna and I will also be working so our blogs don't fall to the way side and disappear into obscurity. She also has to keep on top of her tour company RBTL Book Promotions, so we will be staying busy. 

So forgive me for not having a review or tour up today, because it is Twisted Sisters day!!

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