Friday, June 3, 2016

Marisa Oldham's Learning to Breathe ≾Review≿

Like the ocean, life is a beautiful force. One that can tear you limb from limb or lavish you in perfect moments.

Michelle Hathaway has it all: a view of the Eiffel Tower from her loft in Paris, a successful career as a fashion photographer, ownership in an up-and-coming art gallery, and jet-setting days filled with excitement. But, even with all that luxury, her life feels aimless. 

Over the years, Michelle drifted on the tide of a long distance, on-again off-again relationship with Micah Roberts, a hot bass player in a popular rock band. When he finally asks her to move to Los Angeles to be with him, she risks everything, taking the leap into a new life. 

Drowning in the wake of her decisions, she struggles just to breathe as destiny threatens to take everything. As unexpected events devastate her, will Michelle surface from the depths of despair? 

From Bestselling Author of The Falling Series, Marisa Oldham, comes an emotionally heart stopping novel about love, heartache, and learning to breathe when it feels as though the air is kicked from you.

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After reading Learning to Breath all I need to say is Nicholas Sparks and Jojo Moyes you got some company.  As with Ms Oldham's other novels this book was full of passion, love, pain. loss and so much more. She has an amazing ability to cause physical pain and beautiful euphoria when reading her books. We are at mercy to the whim of her pen and yet we revel in it because she can make us feel so deeply every emotion needed in that moment. I have loved this set of characters since 

The Falling of Love series, so seeing them again here was fantastic. Michelle and Micah's story was so different from the other series. Michelle was more mature and I think this shows through in the book. This is a standalone so you would not need to have read the previous series to be able to pick up this book. When you read this book be ready to sit and not be able to stop, have food at the ready and tissues on standby. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves heartfelt love stories.  

"I have never cried so much while reading a book. This story touched me in a very deep and emotional way." – Jackie, Fire and Ice Book Reviews

"This is a must read book. The characters in Learning to Breathe are so real. You will feel like you are in the story. You will feel the connection with the characters. You will feel. The emotions. YOU WILL FEEL." – Kelly M, ARC Reader

"I have never read a book that felt it was as much mine as it was the authors. This book has pieces that will parallel your life, and probably affect you in a way no other book has...or ever will." - Devine Warnes, ARC Reader

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