Thursday, July 7, 2016

JJ King's Blood of Eden ⊰Review⊱

When Katherine LaFlamme is summoned home by her father, the Alpha of the North American wolf pack, she drops everything and answers the call. Despite her desire to experience the human world before she settles down, Katherine is fiercely loyal and, as her parent’s first born and the pack’s best tracker, she’s an essential part of the family. 

There’s trouble at home; a hunter has invaded their territory and murdered several of their kind and a rogue wolf has been stalking the female members of the LaFlamme family. To make matters worse, a secondary claim to the Alphaship of North America has risen, setting the entire pack on edge. 

Then Katherine meets a mysterious wolf named Quinn and things begin to get interesting… and very deadly. Katherine and Quinn are swept up in a puzzle of ancient rites, prophecies, and mythic lore which reveals that there’s more to both Quinn and Katherine than first meets the eye. 

After reading this book I was near speechless. This book was in a word phenomenal! It had spectacular world building, complex characters and descriptive writing I would expect from a seasoned writer. I could hardly believe the book I just read was a debut novel! I absolutely loved it. The author took her time building her characters and yet she didn't lose me as a reader. It was interesting throughout the book. I was deeply intrigued from the synopsis and was completely enthralled by her writing. I was hooked from the first chapter. 

The way the characters interacted with each other made me feel as if I was part of the group. I was right there for the entire story. Nothing was rushed but the entire book was just so compelling I didn't want to put it down. The romance was not an easy one and it certainly didn't follow a straight path. The way is set for the next book and I am so looking forward to it. This book has captured me and I am excited to share it with everyone who would love a paranormal romance.

Get to know the Author

JJ King was born and raised on the island of Newfoundland where it shaped her entire world and gifted her with a flair for romance. 
She has been writing her entire life, but with support of dear people in her life it has only recently become more than a hobby. She took her love of reading romance to the next level and is extremely glad she did. 

"Blood of Eden is my first publication

and, like a first-born child, will always be my favorite.  Joking.  The last few months of getting this novel ready for readers to buy have been both wonderful and stressful at the same time.  Now that the time has come to let my little first born fly the nest, it’s nerve-wracking but I’m ready to see if she can fly on her own.

There will be more to come, and very soon.  A contemporary romance set on the beautiful coast of Maine to be exact.  You won’t be disappointed."


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