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DH Sidebottom & Rebecca Sherwin's Binary Code ≪Review≫

Title: Binary Code
Authors: D H Sidebottom & Rebecca Sherwin
Series: Standalone
Genre: Dark Romance/Thriller/Erotica
Publisher/s: DH Sidebottom & Rebecca Sherwin
Release Date: 31st August 2016
Edition/Formats: 1st Edition ~ Amazon Kindle 

Binary: Relating to, composed of, or involving two things. 
Code: A system of words, letters, figures or symbols used to represent others, especially for the purposes of secrecy. 

Everything comes in twos. His and hers. Mine and yours. Love and hate. Life and death. The world is made up of pairs. 
So what happens when the line is blurred, when the rules we use to define our lives become…skewed? 
What happens when the rules are broken? His and hers becomes his, hers and…theirs. Mine and yours becomes mine, yours and ours. Love and hate become love, hate and conflict. Life and death become a battle, an infinite number of risks swinging on a pendulum. 

Carter cracked my code. He dug deep into the genetics of who I was and he rewrote every moment of my life. He forced his way in, reshaping every thought in my head, manipulating every instinct that kept me alive. 
Yet, in doing so he altered the structure of his own code and broke every single rule he lived by. He was the encryption I couldn’t decipher, and I was the mystery that finally forced him to reveal exactly who he was. 
*Content Warning*
This book contains violence, strong language and adult themes, including M/F/M 

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Binary Code is one of those books that at the end I loved it but while I was reading it I was seriously confused in places. I have to believe this was on purpose because the book screwed with a readers mind as well as the heroines. I did like the characters in this book but I lost a lot of respect for certain ones at one point. This book was a great read and if you enjoy a good twist this is perfect for you. There are some major triggers though that were warned about but not listed so I will do so here. If you are sensitive to torture, rape, dubious consent, none consent, and drugs this book may be hard for you to read. That said the book is a good one to read. I recommend this book to those out there who love a gritty dark romance.
My rating system is different from Amazon where this is a 4☆. See my rating chart to the right.

Meet the Authors

Meet International Best Selling Author D.H. Sidebottom

 D H Sidebottom is a full-time mum/author. She lives in Derbyshire, England with her children, four crazy dogs, a couple of cats and two pet rats, who keep her company in her cave.
She is an avid reader and her tastes range from horror to erotic, but she loves to help new authors get into the 'scene'. She has an obsession with the name Frank and can never work on just one book, usually writing 2 or 3 at the same time.
She loves rock music and tattooed guys, and has a weakness for coffee, wine and Belgian buns.
Dawn is currently busy in her cave working on several books, including a new dark collaboration.

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Co-Author (with Ker Dukey) of The Deception Series (Box Set) and the Dark Standalones I See You and Lost.

Co-Author (with Andie M. Long) of the Bunk Up.

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Meet Rebecca Sherwin

  Rebecca is a London born and bred mother, writer and psychology student. She is the mother of a superhero (who is currently growing his hair like Thor!) and spends her days with her nose stuck in a textbook, her fingers tapping away at the keys…or she’s building forts and eating gummy bears.

 She is the author of dark psychological romance. An avid reader and lover of stories that keep you guessing, Rebecca writes tales that will challenge your perceptions and toy with your emotions. Her stories invite you to open your mind and dig deeper into the meanings of the lives of each and every character you meet. She entices you into their world – to feel with them, grow with them, to love with them. She asks you to become a part of them and allow them to become a part of you. 

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