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Pauline West's Candlemoth: A Holy City Romance

Title: Candlemoth: A Holy City Romance
Author: Pauline West
Series: Candlemoth: A Holy City Romance (Book 1)
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 23 2016
Edition/Formats: eBook


A bold and independent free spirit from the foster system of small town South Carolina, Lily is a survivor with skeletons in her closet. She knows what she wants and how to get it. And a spoiled rich playboy is not part of her plan- but Ry is irresistible.
The bad boy heir to the Calhoun fortune, Ry is a notorious Lowcountry playboy who's never met a challenge like gorgeous Lily Inoue.
How can someone so wrong feel exactly right?

Character Map For Lily Inoue from Candlemoth: A Holy City Romance
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1 Vulnerable
“If I were an ice cream cone, and you could order me at a drive-through window, you’d say,
“Hmm… Lily flavor: the sad, kinda fucked up kind.  Oh yeah, dip me up a spoonful of that, right?” 

2 Sensual
Perfect discipline means mind blowing release.
“I thought of the hard, beautifully cut muscles I’d felt beneath Ry’s shirt.  The mouth so kissable it was impossible to think of it doing anything else.  Except…”

3 Fierce
Lily is a bold, passionate free thinker from small town South Carolina.

4 Independent
The same strength that helped Lily survive a traumatic upbringing makes it difficult for her to trust anyone.  Especially Ry Calhoun.

5 Reckless
“What can I say?  Love brings out the worst in me... I had the strangest impulse to kiss that smirk right off Ry’s face.”

6 Loyal
When Ry’s political obligations and Lily’s rising notoriety in Charleston threaten their relationship, Lily arrives into her most reckless act yet- and at incredible cost.

Bonus Item:

Fire & Ice
Do not fuck with Lily Inoue. 
“Asians, man,” a man said, from the couch.  “When they beautiful, they really beautiful.”

“Hey, fuckheads.  You guys like to travel?”  I leaned down, pushing my face close to theirs.  “You like to fuck?”  They were too stunned to answer.  “Good.  So why don’t you fuck off.  A long way off.”

Pauline West is a bookworm, trail runner and bourbon lover. Her hobbies include mild hypochondria and ill-advised matchmaking.
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