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Sierra Riley's Promise ⚣Review⚣

The Delicious Series
Book 6
by Aubrey Cullens writing as
Sierra Riley

“I like it when you tell me what to do.”
“Do you know how many artists would kill for reviews like yours?”
Jared Logan became a model child to cope with his father’s perfectionism. His one escape from always doing what he should was painting, where he could be free. Now, at thirty-one, he still keeps his art strictly compartmentalized from “real life”: partnership track at an investment firm, a sterile showcase of a home, and a series of relationships with women he keeps at arm’s length. The studio is his escape, but art isn’t a career. And love? Just not possible for a man like him—one who doesn’t let anyone in to the one place where he feels free.

“You have more in you than you’ve ever let anyone see.”
Between a full class load and his part-time job as a waiter, college student Tristan Evans doesn’t have time for sleep, much less dating. Not that lack of time is his only obstacle; he may have finally gotten tired of being the dorky fat kid and managed to get himself in shape, but changing how he looked on the outside didn’t change who he is on the inside. And who he is—a mess of insecurities and hope and incurable awkwardness—just doesn’t seem to be what anyone is looking for.

“Nothing you like is wrong… not here, not between us."
Tristan is too young, too needy, and very, very male—not at all someone Jared should be attracted to—but when Jared hires him as a ‘life model’ for a series of nudes he’s painting, Jared starts to realize that he doesn’t want to live life always doing what he should anymore… and that giving Tristan what he needs might just set them both free.

Promise is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhangers. It is set in the same series-world as “Someday,” Danny and Mace’s story, “Delicious,” Gavin and Ben’s story, “Falling,” Jeremy and Nick’s story, “Again,” Cash and Robin’s story, and “Wrecked,” Beck and Liam’s story.

This has by far been my favorite book in this series. I hate to see it end if the extra bit at the end of this book is to believed!! I have said it before and I will say it again every book by this author just gets better and better. I loved this set of characters immensely. They made a combination of dominant protectiveness and sweet submissive. The sex scenes were off the charts hot so be prepared for some scorchers! The plot is a nice one that isn't too drama filled or angsty. This is an opposites attracts gay for you book that is seductive and enthralling. I highly recommend it.

Get to know the Author
Sierra Riley was born and raised in a small town where she spent all her time reading under trees before she moved to the Bay area to pursue her own love story. 

She writes the kinds of books she loves to read: rollercoaster rides with happily-ever-afters. She's rarely at a loss for ideas, and credits her wonderfully supportive friends with helping her stories actually make it onto the page, as well as her husband and kids for giving her the chance to follow her dreams. 

When Sierra isn't busy writing, she enjoys knitting, traveling, listening to the Pet Shop Boys, or just curling up with her dogs and cats and devouring a good book.

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