Friday, July 28, 2017

Kenzie McLaughlin's Wail ✨Review✧

by Kenzie McLaughlin

Wail is a story of friendship and death. Not necessarily in that order.

Clotilde never asked to become a wailing woman, forever twenty and compelled to wash the bloody clothes of the dying. Being undead gave her the courage to fulfill her dream of escaping rural Scotland to see London. Now she's out of money and living rough on the banks of the Thames.

Rich American playboy Scott left his Southern small town to explore the heady world of London's social scene. Now it all feels a bit hollow after his boyfriend abandons him. He distracts himself by playing noneknight for the homeless young woman he finds wailing at Finsbury Park Station. He's convinced he can help Clotilde make a life for herself in London if she'll just try a little therapy.

Their fragile friendship is challenged when a serial killer's victims cause Clotilde to run sobbing for the river every time they pass through Finsbury Park. The killer believes that the wrath of the river spirits will cleanse London if he can offer enough blood sacrifices to draw them nearer. His cunning has kept the police from linking the murders so far. But no killer could foresee an American playboy and a Scottish bean nighe tracing his victims to Finsbury Park Station.

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When I read the synopsis for this book I was immediately intrigued. I mean it had a banshee which I had never had in a book before, at least not one that was on the side of good. It didn't have romance, It was a thriller and a paranormal all rolled into one. The very fact it couldn't really be categorized with all of my favorite things about it made it that much more interesting. 

Without giving away the fun and I will let those on the fence know what they will be missing or getting themselves into with this book. This book blew me away because it wasn't centered around a romance of any kind. Its focus was on Clotilde becoming friends with the rich gay American Yank Scott. This relationship is at times pretty funny and runs the gamut of emotions all the way to soul crushing sad. Their extremely unorthodox friendship could be a saving grace or a certain death sentence, but at times we as the reader aren't certain who is going to be saved and who certain to die. 

Now there is the thriller part that is chilling. His mind is something that causes the hair to stand on end and the way this author has portrayed him is fantastic. This book would make a great mini series. I could just picture the scenes as they played out on the page. He just had my gut tighten up and my muscles tensing every time I knew he was in the picture. 

There are so many elements to this book that made it a great read. If you love suspense, thriller, character growth, paranormal element then this book is definitely for you. Though it doesn't have romance it has two people learning to become friends in a deep way. In some ways it was better than any romance. I would even love to have a second book or even novella. I think Clotilde and Scott to have more to say or it is wishful thinking on my part because I loved them so much. I highly recommend this book.

Author Kenzie McLaughlin


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