Monday, December 30, 2013

Captured by Erica Stevens

OK first of all I have to say WOW!! This book was amazing!! I literally couldn't stop reading! It had mild sexual content, mild language use, and just a super story!

It starts off at the slave auction with just two words, 'Blood slave'. The daughter to the leader of the resistance, Arianna has been caught by the vampires her father fights against. She and others found in the woods are sent to the slave auction. Those unlucky enough to be bought will be used as blood slaves, the lucky ones are killed. Aria is hoping to be lucky.  She is shocked to find Max, the man she use to have a young girl crush on and who is also her brother's best friend on the auction block with her. She is devastated to figure out he is there because she got herself captured and hoped he could somehow save her. When he is bought her hopes of being lucky are dashed. She can't condemn him to this fate while she is released to death so when she is called she begins to hope to be bought, even though no one has ever escaped the vampires before.

Aria is claimed by none other than Braith the vampire Prince. Her hopes of escape diminish completely when he steps forward. The Prince confuses her. She doesn't understand why he chose her and what he wants with her. Why does he wear those dark glasses all the time and why does he make her feel so warm when he is around? Things get tense between them, but will they be able to overcome the obstacles of blood slave commandments?

This book draws you in emotionally from the moment you begin to read. Aria's despair, her confusion, her rage and her excitement are all felt. Braith's struggle, confusion and his rage are so strong it will make your heart pound. This book leaves you FEELING!! It has an unbelievable ending that will make you immediately buy the second book.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

30 Days by K. Larsen

First off this novel should be read by 18 years and up. More so because of dealing with issues of abuse. It does have moderate language use in it. Though this book has several sex scenes they are not explicit and only give little details. NOTE: If you have a hard time handling abuse in any form this book may be hard to handle. It talks about mental abuse mostly and slight physical abuse (Hitting).

This novel was hard to put down! It dealt with real emotions and feelings of a woman struggling to overcome her abuse. It delved into her mind during her abuse and showcased her new life she was creating after she escaped to become a strong independent woman.

She just begins the list she created while she was undergoing treatments at the hospital in the psych ward when she meets Colin and his two friends at a bar. She is at first unsure of herself and what she is feeling, but she quickly comes in to her own and becomes a woman her sister would be very proud of. She also makes new friendships she holds very dear and become not only strong of mind but also strong of body. The question is, is she strong enough?

This book has hilarious moments, it has emotional moments and it has plot twist you may not expect. I absolutely loved it. I just really hated the cliffhanger! Thank goodness the second book is already available or I would be crazy right now. This book is a definite read. Second book in this series by K. Larsen is Committed you can find it here