Monday, February 22, 2016

Melissa Rose's Underworld's Call ☛Review☚

Underworld's Call
Midnight Warriors 
Book 2

Between the war with The Mynystry gearing up, and chaos threatening to explode at any moment, Jensen expected love to be the least of his worries. It just wasn’t on his to do list. That was, until she burst into the clearing. 

Brooklyn Vanguard didn’t expect to find what she’d always been missing when chased into Jensen’s arms, which felt as if they’d been waiting for her. Can she look past the stories that scared her as a child to claim what’s hers? 

Everything is stacking up against them, and new threats wait for their chance to strike but if they can find their way to the truth, then they just might win this battle.

Underworld's Call is the second book in the Midnight Warriors series and omw I am not sure where to start! Melissa Rose immediately sucked me into this story and the world she has created. It can be read as a stand alone and enjoyed as such, but I really think a reader would get more out of the story to have Dark Flames read first. The reader would get a great story plus they would have some insight and character background and information that would make this story really feel real.

Melissa Rose's world building skills only got better with this book. It was rich in detail and description as well as leading a reader along with the characters on the adventure and suspense. The heat in this book is pretty high. Jensen and Brooklyn made the pages curl and smoke as they learned how to deal with each other.

Underworld's Call has so many evils and unknowns coming at them from all angles it opens the series up for several more books and I SO hope Melissa writes many more in this series. I have fallen in love with these characters and I need more! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an amazing suspenseful and romantic tale.

Other Books in the Series
Dark Flames
Book 1

Meet the Author
What can I say about me? I'm a neurotic author who has characters that talk to me in my head. I sound crazy, but I'm not... just don't ask my kids to confirm or deny this! More about me... I live in a suburb north of Denver with my two daughters who keep me laughing but still make me want to pull my hair out daily - I love them, really though, I swear!

Cold and snow SO aren't my thing. I was born in Arizona and my ultimate dream is to retire to a tropical island. It's not too much to ask right? Want to help? Buy a book! I'll let you visit...I promise. Hahaha

I love reading all things paranormal. My favorite? Vampires, of course! A love that started with The Lost Boys and has only grown since. Though my first two books have nothing to do with vampires, keep an eye out on my spaces below, I will be releasing vampirey goodness in the very near future. **Spoiler Alert - YUM!**

Thanks for diving into my world! I loved every second of writing it, I hope you enjoyed reading it just as much! If you did and you want more (because really, who wouldn't. I'm amazing hahaha)

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